Tuesday, 14 November 2017

BBC Forced to Withdraw Fake Sea Level Claims!

BBC World at One  Radio 4,  27 March 2017.

BBC Forced To Withdraw Fake Sea Level Claims

by Paul Homewood
By Paul Homewood


Readers may recall an item on the BBC World at One back in March about rising sea levels in Florida, when their correspondent claimed that:
1) Rising seas and flooding are turning Miami Beach into a modern day Atlantis, the city being submerged by water.
2) Sea levels at Miami are rising at ten times the global rate.

I covered the story here.
I complained to the BBC at the time, and, after being fobbed off the first time, escalated the complaint to the Executive Complaints Unit, who have now published the above judgment.
Astonishingly, they regard the claims about “Atlantis” to be “soundly based”, even though they now accept that sea levels around Miami are only rising at about 8 inches a century.

Of course, they had no choice but to withdraw the ludicrous claim about “ten times the global rate”!
But why on earth does the World at One need to be reminded that they should not make scientific claims without actually checking the facts first? For that matter, why has not this instruction gone out to all news and documentary programmes and news sites as well?

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Terri Jackson Bsc(hons physics) Msc MPhil(econ) MInstP
original founder energy and climate group at Institute of Physics
with contributions by Philip Foster MA(Natural Sciences).
There has been much discussion in the press about the potential for
increasing electrification in the UK with a government date of 2040 for complete
electrification. Motoring organisations including the AA have expressed scepticism and
concern that it would place too much strain on the National Grid. The National Grid
estimates that most electric cars will require a battery capacity of 90 kilowatt hours(kWh) to
make journeys of around 300 miles. The present TESLA battery capacity is rated at 70KWh.
Philip Foster cites as a base calculation Drax power station which uses about 0.31 kilograms
of coal per KWh generated
(www.euronuclear.org/info/encyclopedia/f/fuelcomparison.htm). Fast charging is only 50%
efficient so a single charge will require 140KWh of electricity for a single charge, giving about
43 kilograms of coal for one charge(0.31x140). Using a higher capacity battery as suggested
by the National Grid of 90KWh would mean an even higher coal usage of 55.8 kilograms of
coal for a single charge.. A petrol car would require about 20 kilograms of petrol for the same
distance. So an electric car will release double the amount of CO2 of that of a petrol car. Also
the loss to the treasury of ending petrol car use is estimated to be £28 billion! (Edmund King
President AA. Times Report 28 October 2017)
Tesla car bursts into flames in test drive in France! Watch it on youtube!
( (see also www.notrickszone.com German web site. Pierre Gosselin)

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Lawrence Solomon. Paris is dead! Global warming deniers have won!

, 2017) Since his pullout in June, Trump has repeatedly reaffirmed the
wisdom of pulling out of the “bad deal” for the U.S. that was Paris.
This article, by Lawrence Solomon, first appeared in the National Post Canada
Paris came to New York this week, with leaders of countries signing the 2015 Paris Climate
Agreement coming to the United Nations to chide, nudge or beseech Donald Trump in
hopes he would reverse his decision to scrap the agreement.
The U.K.’s Theresa May, France’s Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau, among others,
could have saved their breath. Since his pullout in June, Trump has repeatedly reaffirmed
the wisdom of pulling out of the “bad deal” for the U.S. that was Paris. All the evidence that
has since come down only bolsters his case.
Shortly after Trump announced the pullout, stats from the Global Coal Plant Tracker portal
confirmed that coal is on a tear, with 1600 plants planned or under construction in 62
countries. The champion of this coal-building binge is China, which boasts 11 of the world’s
20 largest coal-plant developers, and which is building 700 of the 1600 new plants, many
in foreign countries, including high-population countries such as Egypt and Pakistan that
until now have burned little or no coal.
All told, the plants underway represent a phenomenal 43 per cent increase in coal-fired
power capacity, making Trump’s case that China and other Third World countries are
eating the West’s lunch, using climate change as a club to kneecap us with expensive power
while enriching themselves.
The coal plants underway represent a phenomenal 43 per cent increase in
coal-fired power capacity
At the same time that growth in coal is soaring, that of renewables is sagging. As reported
by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, renewables investment fell in 2016 by 18 per cent

Sunday, 1 October 2017

Australian Great Barrier Reef recovers in defiance of alarmistpredictions


                A survey of sites between Cairns and Townsville shows that the Great Barrier Reef has started to recover exposing the alarmist predictions of doom last year.(Report from the Australian Institute of Marine Science.)   The 2016 bleaching which was all over the BBC has not proved fatal at all in spite of the BBC and other media predictions.   Scientists from the AIMS surveyed 14 coral reef sites where the corals have already started to reproduce. (david Chen
30 September)